Key to Winning
New Business
In A Niche Market

Join a select group of Australian companies that are entering 
niche markets and growing their sales from day one

Mike Rich

Attache Software found success in the Aged Care Sector

”Ken’s approach has got us through to the people we would like to do business with in the Aged Care sector. With his system we generated 20 leads with CEOs of major Aged Care Sector companies.”

Slash your sales cycle and obtain immediate sales growth

“Your program saved our SkyCool sales team one year of selling time. We were absolutely amazed that within two weeks of launching your program we  received a telephone order from a CEO for $100,000. ”

Rex Lehmann
Peter Deall

This program gave us Boardroom access ...

“I had spent six months developing a relationship with the CEO of a major organisation that my company Merlot Construction were trying to win work from. Using Ken's program he enabled us to reach each of the board members, it was excellent, their board responded positively to the approach and we won their business. Most of my competitors would have invested $20-50K on their tender and they lost, whereas Ken's approach was much more affordable and we won the tender.”

How an agent earned $100,000 commission in two weeks

"Ken helped me generate 40 appraisals in two weeks. This earned me $100,000 in commission. I have been working with Ken for the past year and a half and I highly recommend his unique approach - it works. Each month we get great results and I am glad that nobody in my area can use his services!

Chris McKnoulty

Who is Ken Robinson?

As a niche marketing expert and sales practitioner, Ken has generated millions of dollars in sales. He currently develops campaigns on behalf of his corporate clients in Finance, I.T/Software, Building, Energy, and Building Construction, to promote their businesses at Board, CEO, Executive and senior management levels.

If you are involved in acquiring new B2B business, and are looking for simple straightforward strategies to reach all the levels of management that are involved in buying from you, then you have come to the right place. Ken looks forward to sharing strategies that will help you reap reach the people who make the buying decision.

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