Are You Spending Your Time Wisely?

Are You Spending Your Time Wisely

If you like to run your own race in life, sales is the perfect career. Unlike most jobs, where your every movement is monitored, a sales career offers you the freedom to work as hard as you like. But have you ever thought through how you actually spend your time? In this post, I?m going to reveal to you some interesting statistics as to how most people spend their time.

As you read this report, I hope you reflect on how you are spending your time. We all have the same 24 hours. Do you live your life to the fullest, making every day of your sales career an?opportunity to score multiple goals or do you plod along, fingers crossed, hoping that you?ll meet your sales targets by good old-fashioned luck?

To show you the value of your time, hopefully the following information will make you stop and take stock of the one asset you have which is in limited supply ? your time.

According to statisticians, I would like to share with you 30 facts about how we use our time:

  1. You spend 25 years sleeping
  2. You work for 10.3 years
  3. You spend 48 days having sex
  4. Women spend 17 years of their lives trying to lose weight
  5. You watch TV for 9.1 years
  6. You spend two years watching commercials
  7. You spend?1.1 years cleaning
  8. You spend 2.5 years cooking
  9. You spend 3.66 years eating, about 67 min a day
  10. You drive a car for 4.3 years
  11. You spend three months of your life in traffic, about 38 hours a year
  12. You spend 1.5 years in the bathroom
  13. You spend a total of 92 days on the toilet
  14. You spend 70% of your waking life in front of digital media
  15. You laugh out loud 290,000 times in your life
  16. You walk a total of 110,000 miles
  17. You spend 90% of your time indoors
  18. You consume .1 teaspoons of alcohol per day
  19. You have between four and six dreams a night for a?total of 2000 a year
  20. You fart?402,000 times in your lifetime
  21. You spend 14 days of your life kissing
  22. You drink 12,000 cups of coffee
  23. If you?re more into tea, you drink 48 pounds in your lifetime
  24. Women spend nearly one year deciding what to wear
  25. The average man will spend one year staring at a woman
  26. Women spend eight years their life shopping
  27. Women spend 1.5 years doing their hair
  28. An office worker spends five years sitting at a desk
  29. The average employee spends two years sitting in work meetings
  30. The average person swears 2,000,000?times

What are you doing right now?

As we are so busy doing the mundane tasks of life, as salespeople?we cannot waste a moment.

Are you falling prey to procrastination? Have you decided that you have made enough sales calls and are not willing to push yourself further?

I challenge you in the coming seven days to take stock of your time. Push yourself?further than you thought possible.

Remember, your sales career will benefit from a more focused approach, but more importantly your success will provide you the financial freedom to live the life you have imagined.

Question: What are you going?to do differently this week, that will give you the success you have longed for?

Trainer Ken