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Platform – Get Noticed In A Noisy World

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How I changed the way I sell ...

Up until recently, the majority of my sales for my three businesses came from old fashioned cold calling.

Then late last year, a prospect I was trying to do business with said to me, "there is no doubt about it, you are a great old-fashioned salesman. But with the success that you provide your clients, have you ever thought of selling your services online?"

He went on to share with me about another supplier, as he said - offering an inferior service to what I did and told me that this company was very much into online marketing and that he felt with my solid track record of success over many years I too would benefit from online marketing.

Great advice, but with so many online Internet marketers promoting that they can help you make trillions of dollars in sales, who do you trust?

Wanting to sell my services online, as well as maintaining my normal sales regime while my online sales grow, I have been following an extremely successful online marketer called Michael Hyatt.

Michael has published a simple straightforward guide to establishing your own online platform.

His book titled "Platform  get noticed in a noisy world", has become my guide to establishing my own online platform -

Is his advice, worth the price of the book?

In the short time, I have been selling online, following several pieces of advice he gave regarding having my own platform and using social media platforms like LinkedIn, I'm glad to say that I've made a considerable number of sales.

Michael Hyatt has had such a positive impact on my business, that I have joined his Platform University.

If you are thinking of selling your services or products online, this would be one of the first books I would spend many hours reading