Case studies – a salesperson’s best friend

Case studies strengthen your sales proposals


How do you turn a successfully completed project into an opportunity which could lead to further sales?

Word of Mouth is the best advertising – an ultra-effective method that you can add to your website to bring home the sales.

No matter how glib, polished and convincing your sales message, nothing beats the sales generation power of testimonials from your clients, particularly if they are professionally written in an engaging manner to be both informative and entertaining.

Your prospects want more than a letter from Bill & Joan saying ?Bruce?s nice, his products are good and we always buy from him?. Prospects want to know how you helped other people like them achieve outstanding results using your products or services vente ligne viagra.

It is far more effective to have one of your clients share how they cut their operating costs by 50%. That?s a fact, not some fictious claim made up by a sales rep desperate for a sale.

Newsletter House has in 10 years developed a highly specialised approach to
Case Studies that shows your prospects how people like themselves have benefited using your products or services.

Our journalists interview your clients to extract the most convincing testimonials, setting these quotes into the context of the miracles you performed, showing the way you, your staff and/or your products excelled.

Each highly credible, easy to read and absorbing testimonial is presented as a one-page snapshot complete with photos and graphic elements in keeping with your corporate theme.

Each is provided as a manageable PDF file to upload to your web site. Each file comes complete with embedded Optical Character Recognition code that can be found and filed by web bots ensuring you have a better chance of being found on
the web.

A selection of these PDF documents that are constantly archived and updated will not only add undreamed of credibility to your sales messages, but over time they will have the added bonus of heightening your site?s web presence.

The PDF format is also ideal to add on a regular basis to any or all of your complementary social pages such as Facebook.

Each of these case studies are a one page, A4 document which can also be used by your sales people and added to the collateral you leave after a presentation.
Serious marketers worldwide have recognised the power of testimonials for many years.

But we have taken the testimonial to the next level providing your prospects with real life stories showing why people in similar situations consistently place their trust in you by purchasing your products or services.

Newsletter House provides our clients with one page, downloadable documents in a format similar to that illustrated pictured right. This approach has your clients selling the message on your behalf!

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