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Monday Morning Sales Blues

Monday Morning Sales Blues

Monday morning for most sales people can be one of the hardest days of the week. The thought of getting back on the phone to prospect for potential buyers can be an agonising for most sales people, even seasoned pros.

Its like exercise, we all dread having to get back on the bike and start the uphill peddle. But making Monday morning sales calls doesn?t always have to be a painful exercise. Not if you realise that history repeats itself.

In this article, I plan to share with you some thoughts that may help you?kick-start?your week so you don?t have to suffer the?Monday morning sales blues.

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Are You Spending Your Time Wisely?

Are You Spending Your Time Wisely

If you like to run your own race in life, sales is the perfect career. Unlike most jobs, where your every movement is monitored, a sales career offers you the freedom to work as hard as you like. But have you ever thought through how you actually spend your time? In this post, I?m going to reveal to you some interesting statistics as to how most people spend their time.

As you read this report, I hope you reflect on how you are spending your time. We all have the same 24 hours. Do you live your life to the fullest, making every day of your sales career an?opportunity to score multiple goals or do you plod along, fingers crossed, hoping that you?ll meet your sales targets by good old-fashioned luck?

To show you the value of your time, hopefully the following information will make you stop and take stock of the one asset you have which is in limited supply ? your time.

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Should Real Estate Agents Buy Themselves an Expensive Car?

The time has finally arrived when you can afford a new car. The promise of gaining riches in real estate has come true due to your hard work, persistence and positive attitude. In this special report, we will examine the best way for you to reward yourself.

The decision you make at this point in your career, may or may not have a positive impact on your future real estate career.

As I have mentioned in previous posts on this website, in establishing my newsletter publishing business I have sold newsletter marketing programs to real estate agents in virtually every suburb of Australia and New Zealand.

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How to reach your sales target

Reaching your sales target can be a tough assignment. In this special report, I share with you how I once ran out of time to meet my sales target and what I did that?saved me from losing my job.

If you are struggling to meet your weekly sales targets, I understand, we have all been there at one time or another. Whatever you do, don't give up. All is not lost, even when you start thinking it is not worth trying any longer - push yourself that little bit further.

If you can't make budget, for whatever reason, then hopefully this article will ?inspire you to pick up the phone one more time.

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Sales Procrastination – How To Cure Yourself

Nothing will destroy your sales career like procrastination! But how do you cure it? Is there a cure?

In this report, I reach out to one of the most experienced business people I know for an answer. His thoughts are well worth considering.

Yesterday I was having one of those days we all suffer at some time or another in our?sales career - 'sales procrastination day'. Even though I have had a sales career spanning 30+ years, for some reason when I least expect it?'sales procrastination day' rares its'ugly head and leaves me feeling depressed and hopeless. Maybe you have days like this as well?

I tried everything I could think of to pull myself out of the spiral of procrastination?and finally in despair, I contacted Peter, a friend, who at 78 is still active in the business world?advising companies on how to better operate and grow.

Having had my little pity-party over the phone with Peter he emailed me?some information. What Peter shared is well worth considering. It puts a different slant on procrastination ...

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How to start your sales week

Do you hate the thought of Monday morning sales meetings? Do you find it hard to drag yourself out of bed, let alone fight your way through traffic, hoping you won?t be late?

When I first started my?sales career, I belonged to the?group of sales reps who had to drag themselves to every sales meeting. Once the sales meeting had finished we were the salespeople?who?headed to the local coffee shop to bury our sorrows over a cappuccino or a danish.

It hadn't always been like that, initially I had been full of enthusiasm. I had been offered a position that had the potential to provide an unlimited income. But as time moved on my lack of experience resulted in me struggling to make enough sales each week. With every knock back, my confidence started to give way to negative thinking.

Having worked at that company for six months, I found every day a struggle to be on time. Feeling sorry for myself, those sessions in the coffee shop allowed me to vent my disappointment with my colleagues.

The day my sales career turned around ...

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