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Networking Your Way To Success

Networking Success

How can you give yourself the edge when attending a networking function? What can you do that will differentiate you from the many business people handing out business cards?

It was a Wednesday afternoon, when I got a telephone call from a business associate inviting me to a Chamber of Commerce networking event, to be held in the Telstra shop at Westfield in Chatswood.

By the time I arrived, there were already 70 small business people mingling in small groups.

As I met my friend at the entrance to the Telstra shop, he commented on the many people swapping business cards hoping to meet someone that may lead to some new business.

My friend said, ?I hope you brought enough business cards. It will take us quite a while to work through this crowd.?

I turned to my friend and handed him a copy of my latest newsletter. I knew from experience that I needed something far more memorable and impacting than a business card when networking.

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