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Top 3 Reasons Sales Managers Succeed

Top 3 Reasons Sales Managers Succeed

What are the top three?reasons sales managers succeed? In this report, we examine why some?sales managers succeed. We also give you a three step plan that will help you improve the way you manage.

A couple of weeks ago I presented a one-day sales workshop. The subject of cold calling came up and the?attendees shared?a whole heap of reasons as to why most salespeople felt cold calling was a waste of time.

Speaking with one of the sale managers, who had brought a large group of salespeople to the workshop, he shared with me in one of the breaks, "How can I expect?my salespeople to cold call when I can't do it myself?"

Having reflected on his comment, I started to look back at the various sales managers I have worked for over the years and how they helped me sell more. What did I learn?

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