How to make a cold call (Part 1)

Do you hate cold calling? Why is it that some people succeed at cold calling while others completely fail? In this three-part series, I will examine the problems with cold calling and provide you with a very simple solution that has enabled me to cold call business decision-makers in small businesses, with five staff, through to CEOs of publicly listed companies.

Once you understand?this approach, I know from personal experience you can turn your sales career around

For the most part, there are a large number of salespeople who have had such an horrendous time when they have tried to cold call, that they are searching for another approach.

For these salespeople, due to either their training or the attitude they bring to their job they are looking for a way out.

Which is why there are a series of authors writing sales books that say cold calling is dead and buried. But not all successful sales people think that way.

For example, internationally acclaimed sales experts like Grant Cardone, Steve Schiffman, Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar constantly point out to their audience that if you want to be a success in sales, it is worth putting in the effort to master the art of cold calling.

How to start a cold call

On the telephone you have roughly 10 to 15 seconds to make a positive impression.

The moment you start talking, the CEO at the other end of the line is evaluating whether you offer value or are a waste of time.

For example, the other day I had a call from a sales representative selling office supplies. I will paraphrase what I feel is one of the most boring approaches I have heard in such a long time:

?Hello, this is Thomas Buchanan, are you having a great day? Because I?ve got a special deal that will make your day! You have heard of XYZ office supplies??

I said yes, and held back any criticism I felt like hurtling down the telephone.?This chap was undeterred by my stony silence, he was on a mission and the painful experience continued:

?Do you know that we are at Newcastle is the largest office supply firm. All the major companies use as you know. Anyway, I don?t want to waste to much of your time, the reason I?m calling is where having a fantastic sale of laser cartridges.?

?Maybe our cartridges would suit your machine? Would you like to go and get the make and serial number of the machine? I am sure will we will be able to help you!?

no sooner had he finished the sentence, I politely excused myself, hanging up the phone as quickly as I could.

As I walked away I realised once again why sales people give?cold calling a bad name.

So where did this sales rep?go wrong?

In tomorrow?s Post, How to Make a Cold Call ? Part 2, I will share with you a very simple approach that revolutionised my ability to make successful cold calls.

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