How to make a cold call (Part 3)

How to Col;d Call - Part 3

In my?last post, How To?Make A Cold Call ? Part two, I explained where the office supply salesperson had gone wrong with his cold calling approach.

In this final post of my three part series on Cold Calling, I will explain to you why you should stop acting like a salesperson.

Plus, I will share with you an approach I use to develop a cold calling script.

Stop acting like a salesperson!

  1. Decision-makers and buyers are fed up being harassed by salespeople with propositions that don?t relate to their business whatsoever.
  2. Think through what you have to offer.
  3. Before you even speak to the decision maker, picture in your mind how they would be thinking and pitch your sales message accordingly.
  4. Contact your prospect with purpose.
  5. Come across as someone who has spent a great deal of time preparing for this moment.?Because the average CEO does nothing by half measure, they want to deal with people who are professional and to the point.
  6. You know that you are ringing up a complete stranger, stop pretending you are a friend. if you try this tactic you come across as being insincere.
  7. Remember you have 30 seconds to make a positive impression ? don?t waste it.

As soon as you see yourself as a business person, instead of a sales person pushing a pitch, you will act accordingly and start to reap the rewards that success has to offer.

How does Ken cold call?

I always use a telephone scripts, until I have learnt it off by heart and can say it naturally. Here are the?steps I take to create a cold calling script:

  1. Start off by offering them an idea. Most business people are willing to give you 30?seconds in case you might have an idea that could help them.
  2. Tell them a story about a company they would know of that showcases your success. At this stage in your cold call, the prospect?does not?want to know about your company or what you?re offering. They are tuned into WIIFM ? What?s In It For Me.
  3. Share with them how you could get?the same result for their?company. Put them back in the driver?s seat, where having heard how you could help, they may be motivated to engage with you in making an appointment to hear more of what you have got to say.
  4. Close by offering an appointment time. At this stage they should be expressing interest and when that happens, you should ask for an appointment

Having used this approach for many years, I find the only time these?scripts don?t?work is when the potential prospect has no need of?what I am offering.

Question: What are your thoughts on my cold calling approach? I would love your feedback.?Share your thoughts?on Facebook or Linkedin?or make a comment below in our comments section.

In Monday?s Post, I am?going to?take a look at five?steps you can take to motivate yourself throughout the sales week. Until then have a great weekend and don?t forget to subscribe to my blog so you receive your copy of ?The Sales Professional?newsletter!

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