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Ken Robinson

Hello, my name is Ken Robinson - As a niche marketing expert and sales practitioner, I have generated millions of dollars in sales.

I currently develop campaigns on behalf of corporate clients in Finance, I.T/Software, Building, Energy, and Building Construction, to promote their businesses at Board, CEO, Executive and senior management levels.

If you are involved in acquiring new B2B business, and are looking for simple straightforward strategies to reach all the levels of management that are involved in buying from you, then you have come to the right place.

It has taken me nearly 30 years to develop my niche sales and marketing methodologies. I have personally used each of these techniques to grow my business throughout Australia and New Zealand.

15 years ago, with no experience in the real estate industry, I launched a newsletter marketing program which I went on to sell to more than 400 real estate offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.

This program has been so successful that franchise groups like LJ Hooker, Barry Plant, Raine & Horne, First National, Elders, Ray White have franchisees who have been consistently using this program every month for the past 15 years. To give you a taste of the success these agents are experiencing, one client earned $100,000 in commission in under two weeks following our system.

One of the first highlights of my career, at the age of 24 with limited business experience, over a six-month period I convinced the board of the J B Fairfax group to 100% finance my own magazine business, running publications with print runs of 700,000+ which were inserted into major newspapers around Australia.

I look forward to sharing with you simple step-by-step sales and marketing ideas that will help you secure more business quick smart.