B2B Sales Training

One-Day Intensive Sales Training + Five Weekly Coaching Sessions

Ken Robinson will show your salespeople how to improve their sales message so that it motivates senior executives all the way up to the boardroom, to sign with your firm. This sales training applies just as much for a small business, as it does for a highly charged team of corporate sales executives.

You now have a limited opportunity to join a small group of professionals who realise their approach to sales needs to improve not because they are failing, but because they want to be the best. You now have the chance to adopt this approach with your selling system. 

Don't waste another moment. This workshop is hands-on and due to the indepth training Ken provides, it is limited to a small number of participants. Book Today - BEFORE YOU MISS OUT!

Brisbane Workshop - B2B Sales Training

Sydney Workshop - B2B Sales Training

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What can you do right now to succeed?

Think local. The key to selling is to narrow your focus and work your local farm area. You need to become known as the local area expert. You need to take immediate action and build your brand as the 'go-to-agent' for your local market. 

Vendors know they only have one chance to sell and they are not going to list with the first agent that comes along. They want to know that you can deliver.

To position yourself as the go-to-agent for your area you need to systematically build a local profile. Most agents have no plan to achieve this. That's why this course was created. It takes the pain out of building that profile by giving you a step-by-step process and the tools necessary to grow your pipeline of potential vendors.

You need to start listing properties that are priced for today's market. It is no use listing a property for a price you can't deliver, hoping that you can beat the vendor down to a price that will sell. That is recipe for building a bad reputation, but most of all it is a recipe that will have you changing careers.

To make this a reality, you can now join other salespeople who realised they needed a new approach and have completed our five week course. As a part of this course, we provide you with:

  • A 30 day marketing plan designed for selling in a tough market
  • All the sales scripts,dialogues and a set of templated sales letters you need to start having an impact in the local market. All of these sales materials are yours to use immediately.
  • A step-by-step plan to create an appraisal presentation that sells you! Most appraisal presentations sell the office, you need to add the extra element that sells you!

‚ÄčIf you look at the most successful salespeople in real estate they work a plan - if you don't have a plan to grow sales in the coming weeks don't stress - in the next few minutes that plan could be yours right now. 

But it won't happen by thinking it over - it will only happen if you take action today!