Monday Morning Sales Blues

Monday Morning Sales Blues

Monday morning for most sales people can be one of the hardest days of the week. The thought of getting back on the phone to prospect for potential buyers can be an agonising for most sales people, even seasoned pros.

Its like exercise, we all dread having to get back on the bike and start the uphill peddle. But making Monday morning sales calls doesn?t always have to be a painful exercise. Not if you realise that history repeats itself.

In this article, I plan to share with you some thoughts that may help you?kick-start?your week so you don?t have to suffer the?Monday morning sales blues.

How to overcome the?Monday morning sales blues

My experience has taught me that as soon as you break through the first barrier of inertia you are on your way.

Most weekends I spend time relaxing on my yacht ? a Beneteau 34 ? which I sail for many hours on a beautiful lake not far from my home.

At some point in one of these outings, I head down below to make myself a hot cup of coffee. Standing in front of the gas stove I turn on the gas and proceed to light the stove with a lighter gun. Without fail I have to flick the switch of the lighter several times before I get a flame strong enough to ignite the gas into action.

It doesn?t matter what time of the year I am on the boat, tt still takes three or four attempts to get the gas lit. It is just part of the process. I know that the first two attempts at lighting the gas will fail. Do I panic about this, get upset and vow never to use the gas stove again. No, it is just the process I have to go through and knowing this I do not give it a second thought, I simply flick the switch on the lighter two or three times and by the fifth attempt the gas is ignited and my hot cup of coffee is moments from being ready.

Why do sales people give into the?Monday morning sales blues?

Just like lighting the gas stove, spend long enough in sales and you soon come to the realisation that starting your sales calls takes several attempts.

The first call you cannot get through to anyone, the second call they have no budget, the third call they have spent their budget and the finally the fourth call you get through to someone that is interested.

So why then do we get upset and frustrated by this process and give up just when we are about to start having success.

Life is a series of patterns, history repeats itself, and making calls on a Monday morning is no different.

Don?t give up, work out the pattern for your selling routine and work your way through the process step by step and in no time at all you will leave the suffering of the Monday morning sales blues way behind.

When I sat down to write this blog post this morning, I too suffered the Monday morning blues. What was I going to write about? Why did I have to write anyway, laying in bed seemed a better deal. But having pulled myself out and gone through the routine of the morning I now sit here having the satisfaction of writing another post. That feeling of satisfaction makes fighting the Monday morning blues a worthwhile exercise.

What is your routine for overcoming Monday morning sales blues?

Trainer Ken