Tough Calls

Tough Calls
Genre: Sales
ASIN: 0814479251

Ken's Review - Have you ever lost a sale, simply because you did not know how to respond to one of the prospect's objections? Just when you think you're about to close the deal, something is said that throws the whole deal out the window. If this has ever happened to you, I know it has happened to me over the years, I suggest you rush out and buy a copy of Tough Calls by Josh Gordon. This is a really useful book any sales professional who encounters difficult customers needs to read! ...

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"Tough Calls" shows salespeople how to effectively work with problem clients. The book clearly identifies 20 difficult personalities and gives readers specific selling strategies for each, including how to understand what not to do when selling to each personality type; persuade the client to buy by following proven approaches; close the sale, no matter how difficult the client; and more.

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