It's not about the current market ...
It's what you do right now that determines your success!

Secret to Winning ListingFive-week Online Course

The Secret to Winning Listings Five-week Online Course

Presented by Ken Robinson, this is a five-week online course that is designed to help you generate listings in your local farm area

  • A 30-day sales and marketing plan designed for selling in a boom or bust market
  • All the sales scripts,dialogues and a set of templated sales letters you need to start having an impact in the local market. All of these sales materials are yours to use immediately.
  • A step-by-step plan to create an appraisal presentation that sells you! Most appraisal presentations sell the office, you need to add the extra element that sells you!

Why agents recommend this five-week workshop

After 18 years of selling real estate, agent James Brearley thought there wasn't much more to learn until...

Jame's boss, Ray White, Principal, David Moppett, booked James and his team into a five-week online course to help grow their business. But his top salesman James Brearley, an 18-year sales veteran, was having none of it until he took his first lesson and became an advocate for Ken Robinson's course.

“When my Principal informed me that he had booked our sales team into your course, I must admit the thought of doing another course did not excite me. If it is like past courses - I thought it would most probably be a waste of time – instead, it has been a great investment.” says James Brearly.

"As I am the longest-serving consultant in the Ray White Coffs Harbour team - and over the years have been awarded "Highest individual selling agent in northern New South Wales" for five out of the last 10 years - I truly did not believe that taking two online sessions a week, for five weeks would be worth the effort. Now I am more than happy to recommend this course!

After 18 years of selling, why is James now happy to recommend this course?

“From the first lesson, the trainer, Ken Robinson grabbed my attention,” says James Brearly.

“ You clearly understand how vendors think, and you showed us a very simple step-by-step approach to taking our past success and using those stories to Give us a clear point of difference in the marketplace.

“ You are right. It is far more powerful to share how it helped people be successful than to focus our pitch on who we are and our company’s success.

“Instead of dreading the thought of doing your course, I have enjoyed the two sessions each week and appreciated the fact that when I reached out to you for help, not only did you respond with positive suggestions but you followed up at a later stage to see if I wanted further help.

“You have given me a plan of action which I have already been able to implement.

“Unlike a lot of courses, which get you excited, but leave you wondering what to do next. I now see why you have designed this course to run over five weeks.

“ It has given all of us the time to reflect on what you’re teaching and go away and implement your techniques. Plus the weekly helpdesk on Friday has allowed us to ask your help we need it.

"Yes, I am more than happy to recommend your course, as you have demonstrated a sales and marketing system that has been proven to work for agents in both Australia and New Zealand. 

“What's more, I already started gaining benefit from your training before the course was even completed. I am now glad that my boss decided to book our team in your course.”

The above comments came from a thank you letter James wrote to Ken, your trainer, about the course:

How this online course will help you with the process of listing local properties

The key to selling is to narrow your focus and work your local farm area. You need to become known as the local area expert. You need to take immediate action and build your brand as the 'go-to-agent' for your local market. 

Vendors know they only have one chance to sell and they are not going to list with the first agent that comes along. They want to know that you can deliver.

To position yourself as the go-to-agent for your area you need to systematically build a local profile. Most agents have no plan to achieve this. That's why this course was created. It takes the pain out of building that profile by giving you a step-by-step process and the tools necessary to grow your pipeline of potential vendors.

You need to start listing properties that are priced for today's market. It is no use listing a property for a price you can't deliver, hoping that you can beat the vendor down to a price that will sell. That is recipe for building a bad reputation, but most of all it is a recipe that will have you changing careers.

To make this a reality, you can now join other salespeople who realised they needed a new approach and have completed our five week course. As a part of this course, we provide you with:

  • A 30 day marketing plan designed for selling in a tough market
  • All the sales scripts,dialogues and a set of templated sales letters you need to start having an impact in the local market. All of these sales materials are yours to use immediately.
  • A step-by-step plan to create an appraisal presentation that sells you! Most appraisal presentations sell the office, you need to add the extra element that sells you!

If you look at the most successful salespeople in real estate they work a plan - if you don't have a plan to grow sales in the coming weeks don't stress - in the next few minutes that plan could be yours right now. 

But it won't happen by thinking it over - it will only happen if you take action today!

Don't waste another minute - start now...

Why are Real Estate Agents & Salespeople recommending this five week course?

“Ken has given me new strategies to get listings..."

“My first year in real estate has been good. I have got a number of sales under my belt and I was looking for an approach that would take me to the next level when my Branch Manager recommended Ken's course. The course has offered me many practical strategies I am implementing and I couldn't be happier.

"Ken has a good understanding of what motivates vendors. He gives you the tools you need to connect with new prospects - sales letters, telephone scripts and dialogues. He then shows you how to make this material your own and how to use it on the telephone, in appraisal presentations or doorknocking.

"Yes, it was a good decision to do the course. I am glad my Branch Manager booked me into Ken's course!"

Andrew Fanning - Salesperson

Harcourts - Team Harcourts, Paraparaumu, NZ

Andrew Fanning

"Ken has given me a new set of tools..."

“Having completed Ken's course, I have followed his lead and I am now finding his approach to using testimonials is helping me with my appraisal presentations. He has shown me how to use my past success to win vendors over in presentations,

“I have even teamed up with a young sales lady and together - using Ken's approach - we have started door-knocking our local area,

John Glover - Salesperson

Barfoot & Thompson Browns Bay, Auckland, NZ

“I now have a new approach to generating listings..."

““Having worked in my market for over 30 years, I now have a new approach that will build upon my past success.

We are all looking for that point of difference – Ken has shown me that I offer a point of difference to my clients and has taught me a simple approach to capitalise on it in my market”,"

Len Pemberton - Salesperson

Professionals Rotorua, NZ

I can't wait to use what I have been taught..."

“In my first 4 years, I have been instrumental in selling over $38 million worth of Real Estate transactions, so I was excited about this course as I wanted to take myself to the next level and I have not been disappointed over the past five weeks.

All the material I have been learning from Ken has been extremely helpful. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I can’t wait to use what Ken has taught me,”

Sam Young - Salesperson

Ray White Ellerslie, Auckland, NZ

"Ken has taught me an invaluable approach..."

“I have been successfully selling real estate for 25 years and in the past weeks Ken has taught me an invaluable approach to capitalising on my success so that I win more listings,

Mal MacElvanna - Salesperson

Barfoot & Thompson Royal Oak, Auckland, NZ

This course has given me a new approach..."

“I am a well established agent in the Rotorua market and this course has shown me how to take my success and promote it to the local community. 

Our whole sales team has done this course and I would be more than happy to recommend Ken's course as he has provided us a very practical framework to promote why we should be local vendor's agent of choice!"

Ken Lamb - Salesperson

Professionals Rotorua, NZ

“Any agent would gain value from this course..."

“Each week I have leaned several new techniques worth implementing.

"I had just finished an appraisal presentation, when I got back to the office and watched the next lesson which focused on creating a powerful appraisal presentation. The material in that session has helped me to add more powerful elements to my appraisal presentation approach,"

"Yes, I think anybody would gain value from this course, I like the way you teach us something and then give us the templates we can easily adapt to our own sales situation. Yes, I am happy to recommend the course!"

Jazmine Hughes - Salesperson

Ray White Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

"I found the course invaluable... a new approach"

“Having learned the power of WIIFM - I have a whole new approach to presenting in an appraisal presentation.

"I definitely have no hesitation in recommending Ken's course,

Phil Sulusulu - Salesperson

Bluegate Real Estate, Auckland, NZ

Feedback from Ken's public real estate workshops

Please read some comments below from a small selection of agents who have invested in my training programs which have been held in all the major capital cities of Australia. We regularly run public workshops designed to generate new business for real estate salespeople and property managers. Here are comments from some of the many people who have attended our public workshops.

  • rachel
  • simone
  • sarah
  • YASH
  • Megan

Don't waste another minute - start now...

Course Outline


Think like a Vendor 

Put yourself in the shoes of a vendor and take a deep long look at what really motivates a prospect to sign with one sales agent over another. This step is really important - it is the key to knowing how to approach a vendor wary of signing with just any agent.

So often having worked as sales agent for many years, you can become so focused on what you want to get across, that you sound no different to your competitors down the street.

  • You will learn the Vendor’s mind-set
  • You will learn how Vendors want to be convinced you’re the right Sales agent
  • You will learn what is wrong with your current approach and what steps need to be taken to improve the way you approach a vendor considering your office.


Why Vendors Say "NO" 

It is a well-known fact that no matter what you sell, there are always negatives that make vendors hold back from signing with one sales agent over another.


Without the knowledge of why you have missed out on the sale, you will never know what to say to correct the situation and bring the vendor on board.

By the end of this course you will have a good idea as to what these negatives are and how to tackle them.

Remember, people will always argue facts and figures, but you cannot argue with real life experience. To give you the ammunition we need to convince a prospect, we will turn to your archive of successes and use these testimonials to backup each point you main in an Appraisal presentation.

Having gathered testimonials from former clients, I will show you how to turn this material to your advantage. Most sales people do not realise the money they can make from a testimonial. I have received testimonials that have literally helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I treat each testimonial like a gold bar as they shine so brightly.

When used correctly they have lit my way to sale after sale.

  • How to work out why your vendor is saying "NO"
  • How to ask questions that help a vendor to tell you what they are really thinking
  • How to turn a negative into a YES using testimonials. 
  • What to do if all looks helpless - bring out a testimonial.


Securing testimonials 

We live in a cynical society where vendors want more than a polished sales pitch.

They want proof that you can deliver, but most sales people have no idea how to secure Testimonials that are convincing enough to give a vendor the confidence to sign.

In this section of the course I am going to teach you a system I use that will gain you powerful testimonials that win business.

  • Why most testimonials fail
  • How to gain a testimonial from a vendor that wins business
  • How to use a portfolio of testimonials when presenting.
  • The types of testimonials that will help you overcome objections


Sales letter templates 

Having run a marketing company for over 20 years, I have a long history of writing sales and marketing materials that have generated millions of dollars in sales.

In this course I will give you a simple step-by-step system for using my template letters that converts readers into buyers of your services!

If only I had had this material when I first started selling 30+ years ago - life would have been so much easier.

  • 6 Must Do Steps to BEFORE Even Writing a Word
  • 9 Crucial Elements of Headlines and Sub-headings
  • How To Build Your Credibility and Position Yourself as an Expert
  • 5 Tips on How To Get Readers to Join Your Mailing List and Stay Within Your Reach
  • How To Make Your Offer Irresistible


Appraisal Kits 

You need to think strategically about the overall look and feel of your presentation. When you are a part of a franchise group it is a mistake to use copy-cutter presentation kits that were written by head office marketing people which are more generic by nature.

Gone are the days when you can rely on your franchise material to get you across the line. Selling is about personal relationships.

Your kit should focus on presenting local evidence as to why vendors have found value with your local team.

  • I will give you a blueprint that will help you produce a knock-out presentation that is vendor focused
  • You will learn how to order your testimonials
  • You will learn how to write a profile piece that promotes why you should be the Sales agent of choice


Appraisal Presentation 

Vendors are no different to you. We all listen to that radio station - WIIFM “What’s In It For Me”. Even though the real estate industry has pushed the idea that your ‘brand’ is all important, in reality all of us only sign up with a supplier if we feel they can deliver the best result.

Knowing that you have sold a property in their neighbour-hood for a good return, in a timely fashion, will impress a vendor more than the fact that your franchise has offices dotted across the countryside.

You must remember that a vendor wants to know more about how you have helped someone like them successfully sell a property for an excellent rate of return. This real life evidence is far more powerful than a marketing kit which focuses on how wonderful your brand is.


30-Day Marketing Plan

We promise that you will walk away with a step-by-step blueprint that will enable you to implement what you have learned over this five-week course. 

With these three elements in place, the day you complete the course you will know what to do next. I have been successful in my business thanks to the systems I have in place.

You too can experience this success in your own career!

The blueprint covers the following:

  • Follow these steps to set up your own marketing program.
  • Follow these steps to take a lead through to a sale.
  • How to stop a vendor rom being poached by other agents.


Online Help-desk 

At the end of each week, you will join me in our special online help-desk where you will have the opportunity to ask me for help and see how others are using the material.

In the first part of these sessions, I do a re-cap on what you learned the Monday before.

To finish each session, I open the floor to questions. Once the webinar has been completed, I will get back to you by email to personally answer your questions.

Struggling to list and sell in the current market?
Do you have a plan to lift your income right now?
Do you wonder why some salespeople get ahead?

Before you quit - you'd better read on...

When you're selling real estate you have two choices - you can complain about your lack of listings or you can take action and start securing listings that sell fast in the current market. 

You won't get anywhere if you are constantly complaining and applying a sales approach which is out of step with the economy. You will only make yourself feel depressed, and may soon find yourself looking for a new job.

The salespeople who decide to get better and learn how to make sales by being ahead of the market and creating opportunities. They thrive by taking action, while their colleagues wallow in self-doubt.

You have a choice. You can get depressed or you can become determined and disciplined, and decide to be a great success no matter what is happening in the market. But it won't happen using the same sales approach you applied in a booming market. You need to alter your sales approach, but how?

What's the key to listing property that sells?

You need to approach the way you list property differently.  You need vendors to price their property in line with current market expectations. Price a property correctly and you're on your way to cashing your next commission cheque.

Last year we launched a program which has given struggling agents acroos Asutral and New Zeala ndthe keys to start growing sales.  Our five week online course that shows you step-by-step how to win over vendors in a tough market.

This course is designed for real estate agents determined to succeed, which is why real estate Principals are recommending this course to their staff:

David Moppett


Coffs Harbour Ray White

As I've been running public training workshops for real estate agents and salespeople over many years in Australia, to get a feel for my approach to training you can listen to some comments from three real estate Principals who sent their team to one of my one day public workshops:

Campbelltown NSW

Western Sydney NSW

Cessnock NSW

“This is what we should all be doing......"

"Ken takes what we should all be doing and gives you a simple step-by-step program to make it happen quick smart. He guides you each week with the Help-desks. Why more of us aren’t doing what he teaches is a real shame – as it just makes sense.

I will never forget the cold call I took from Ken that had me signing up for his 12 month marketing program in under 45 minutes. I have sales people cold calling me everyday and the different approach Ken took to selling made the decision to take this course - any easy one! "

Graeme Schnider - Principal 

Raine & Horne Young, NSW, Australia

“Every salesperson should do this course...”

“Every sales person should do this course. I sent a 30 year sales veteran from my team and the course totally reinvigorated him to connect with his database and build upon his past success.

Ken teaches a sound approach we all need to apply. I have personally experienced his sales approach first hand. After Ken cold called me and the following day gave me a 30 minute pitch - I gave Ken a credit card payment for $4620.00 - that was within our first meeting.

Ken knows how to structure a compelling pitch which is why my staff have done Ken’s course. I will be sending more sales people to this course now that I know the course is worth the investment!”

Darren James - Branch Manager

Barfoot & Thompson Browns Bay, Auckland, NZ

“This course gives you the tools to get new listings..."

"We have been using Ken's marketing system for three months which has produced new listings which have led to sales, so when his course became available we knew his methods worked and have learned a great deal over the past five weeks - I am happy to recommend this course."

Richard Baker - Principal 

Edge Real Estate, Wkatane, NZ

Don't waste another minute - start now...

Let's examine how one strategy from this course helped generate
20 Appraisals in two weeks

The podcast interview and accompanying story below illustrates one of the techniques I will be teaching.

In this interview for my weekly podcast - "Real Estate Sales Podcast" - I speak with Chris McKnoulty who has used my marketing approach since 2014 to grow his real estate business.

Chris McKnoulty, like many agents, hated the thought of door knocking or cold calling, but needed to find listings as he opened the doors to his new real estate office in inner-Brisbane.

Having worked as a property developer, he had made the break with successful full-time employment to establish his own real estate office.

With a sales track record to be admired Chris was leaving nothing to chance.

The following is the contents of a letter Chris wrote to thank Ken Robinson for the efforts he put in to attracting 20 new appraisals for him, which led to Chris making multiple sales.

“In establishing my new real estate practice, I was determined to invest in as many marketing channels as possible,” said Chris McKnoulty.

“As far as I was concerned, this was the one time I was going to pull out all stops. I hired the best media and real estate marketing advisors to help me plan and implement an effective marketing program.

“My first choice was a public relations campaign utilising both television and daily newspapers.

“The public relations specialists exceeded my expectations by organising an editorial in one of Brisbane’s leading newspapers – The Courier Mail. Plus, they facilitated a TV segment on one of Channel 9 Brisbane’s programs.

“Both of these opportunities gave me mass coverage not only in Brisbane, but right throughout Queensland. The same coverage would have cost me tens of thousands of dollars in advertising to achieve similar exposure.

“Did the newspaper and television coverage deliver?

“Both the newspaper the television coverage created only one lead which amounted to nothing!

“My second choice was distributing a newsletter Ken Robinson created to my local community.

“Peter Hutton - my real estate coach, advised me to contact Ken Robinson, to produce a four page newsletter profiling success I'd had in the local area.

“A number of years ago Peter owned a leading real estate office in New Farm Brisbane and regularly received new appraisals that lead to new business through Ken’s newsletter program - "Property News".

“Did Ken's newsletters deliver?

“Within a day or two of the first issue being distributed, I received several strong leads.

"My first issue, which was distributed locally, I sent out 800 copies and it produced eight appraisal leads. When we produced the second issue, we increased our print run to 2500 and that produced fourty appraisals.  

"Those 40 appraisals resulted in multiple sales which was the key to helping me establish my business.

“On average, over the past four years, we have been receiving 20 appraisals each time we send out one of Ken's newsletters.

“I found the results surprising.

“From the outset, I was pretty much convinced that the mass media approach, through both television and newspapers, would gain me the best results due to its mass reach.

Having now gone through the exercise, I learnt that Ken's approach was far more effective because it spoke to potential prospects at a local level, zeroing in on how I could help them achieve the results they were after.

“What's more, Ken offered me exclusivity for my local farming area.

“Yes, I would definitely recommend Ken’s approach. It was a good investment! I am looking forward to continuing into the future.”

Chris McKnoulty and Peter Hutton wrote the following recommendations on my LinkedIn profile ...

Don't waste another minute - start now...

If we haven't met... Hello, I'm Ken Robinson.

Over the past 18 years, I have been working with over 400 real estate offices in Australia and New Zealand running a specialised newsletter marketing system that has been utilised by all the major franchise and independent groups. 

The program has been so successful, that over the past two months - 20 offices have signed on in New Zealand and in the tough market of Western Australia, five more offices have joined our program in the past three weeks.

In the past couple of months, I started getting requests for help from individual agents and sales people who were working for these various real estate groups. They were looking for a cost-effective sales and marketing program to establish themselves in their local farm area as the "Go-To Agent".

They needed a D.I.Y approach that they could implement themselves. A program that would utilise both social media and good old fashion salesmanship. None of them had budgets for advertising, but were willing to put in the time it would take to go to the next level

Why did they approach me for help?

Due to the fact that they had witnessed the success my marketing program was producing for the office they were working for.

The type of success I am talking about, is best summarised by the following email we received from one of our real estate clients who distributes our Property News newsletter. In the feedback below he shares that one issue helped generate over $26,000 in revenue - 4 listings and 2 property management contracts :

In making the decision to develop this course, I remember one of these agents saying... 

"Ken you have been very effective at generating listings for our office. Why don't you develop a personal marketing program for agents? Because if you do, let me know - as I will buy it."

What motivated this group of agents and salespeople, spread across Australia and New Zealand, to signup for this five week course?

Even though many of these agents, some with over two decades of experience, belonged to well-established offices, in each instance they were looking for ways to improve their foot-hold in their farm area.

They were excited at the prospect of being able to develop and implement their own personal marketing system that would him them when listing property.

They explained to me that they wanted a straight forward - cost effective program that would give them a point of difference over their competitors and would help them to secure more listings. 

With this pressing need being expressed by so many people - I knew it was time to act.

Over several months, I evaluated what had worked over the past two decades for all my clients and put together a five week course that is now transforming the way agents and salespeople approach the tricky process of listing a property.

That is the beauty of having worked with 400 different real estate offices. You get to see the process people use to list property. In my office I have thousands of different flyers and brochures my clients have used over the years. 

Everytime, one of my clients sends me their Appraisal presention kit, I am ask them how they are approaching listing property and what has worked for them. It is this eighteen years of seeing how hundreds of agents have worked that has enabled me to produce such a simple but powerful course.

The course is run over 10 sessions - five weeks - so that you have the time to implement the strategies and the material I will giving you.

Plus, it allows me the time to help you through our help-desk approach each week to make sure you implement the approach correctly. 

Don't waste another minute - start now...

What results has Ken produced for his real estate clients over the past 18 years?

I have helped over 400 real estate offices across Australia and New Zealand market themselves using my testimonial based newsletter program "Property News". 

Our longest serving client is a company called Oz Combined Realty, based in Jervis Bay, Australia.

They have at last account - one hundred and twenty seven newsletters we've produced for them on their website. Each month for the past eleven years, Oz Combined have printed and letterboxed dropped 20,000 newsletters to their local community. 

Why am I telling you this, I don't know about you, but I find that there are a lot of training courses on the internet produced by marketers who have no track record. Whereas everything I'm about to show you in this course, I have either used myself or have witnessed many of my clients making money implementing these ideas.

To give you the reassurance that my training is based on real-life experience, I have placed multiple thank you letters below from existing clients who have benefited from my marketing expertise. 

( Please click on each letter to read )

Don't waste another minute - start now...

Frequently Asked Questions

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