"Sales Booster" by Ken Robinson

This book shares a proven step-by-step plan that helped Ken Robinson earn $10,000 in my first week

If you need to get new work for your business in next week then this book is definitely for you. This book is short, to the point, and shares how the author Ken Robinson started a business with no experience in a market, no references and started selling the first day he opened his doors. He didn’t wait for business cards, a new website, he got straight down to business and so can you!

  • That first week Ken started his journey to an annual six-figure income for the past 23 years, Ken signed several clients for $10,000 in total. He created one offer and pitched that offer to as many people who would give him the time of day.
  • This book is deliberately short and to the point. It’s twelve pages map out exactly what Ken did to earn that first $10,000 in five days. This started a journey leading to a six-figure yearly income in a completely new market he had never worked in.
  • Once you understand what constitutes the most straightforward approach to winning business, you will be too busy signing up clients to be worried about reading large sales books, but you will be glad you took the time to read this one.

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