How to convince a CEO
to consider your proposal
after one phone call

Are you fed-up missing out on new business?

If you're stuck selling to middle management then this one day sales strategy session will show you how to win business at CEO level

In-house courses to fit your budget are available

How to take your current sales people and turn them into Salesmasters with a Proven 30 Day Selling Blueprint

Most sales people struggle to take action because they
have no step-by-step plan that convinces buyers to sign

Review the average sales person and most likely you will find that they have no time to sit back and refine what they are doing. Each week they struggle to make budget. Now is the time to take action, empower them with skills that will enable them to exceed their sales targets - before it’s too late and you have lost more potential business opportunities!

Your salespeople need a methodical process which they can implement at the start of each month that will help make their selling time more productive - and give you the sales results you need.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. For the most part, your sales team are so focused on trying to make budget - let alone earn a bonus - that they never stop long enough to consider a better approach to selling..

Making budget for many sales people is no fun.
But now there's a way to turn your sales around

You’ve probably noticed in your sales team that there are one or two members of staff always claiming the winners’ prize, while the rest of the sales team either languish in quiet desperation - or if things get bad enough - are shown the door. If you train the whole team and have them working with the same methodical approach, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a proven sales training system that is working for Australian firms like yours that will give everyone of your sales people the ability to be a star performer.

If you relate to these scenarios - help is at hand! You are going to learn what is possible, as
Ken Robinson shows you how his 1 day workshop helped his clients win new business:

  • At the end of Ken’s workshop, a sales trainee using the cold calling script he wrote at the workshop, secured an appointment with a Managing Director. That one appointment resulted in a new contract worth $80,000.
  • Plus, after attending one of Ken’s workshops a national company found that one of their struggling sales people’s results were turned around as they started applying Ken’s strategies.

How do you stop this self-destructive cycle of sales people consistently losing business?

Ken Robinson will enlighten your sales people with new strategise, methodologies and sales mindsets which will enable your sales people to realise their full potential.

Unlike many sales trainers, Ken walks the talk. His training is not based on the collective wisdom of yesteryear’s sales gurus, who are still teaching sales training techniques that belong in the 1950s.

With Ken’s approach you get the hands on experience of someone who has been consistently selling on a regular basis to the Australian B2B sector for several decades. Ken has sold in both recession and boom times and knows the best approach no matter what the market is doing.

Unlike most trainers, who have spent their careers training, Ken started sales training because his clients asked him to teach their sales staff the secrets he used to get them to sign on the bottom line.

​Every testimonial on his web page started by Ken picking up the phone, cold calling each one of these Managing Directors and convincing them to invest in Ken’s products and services.

That’s why Ken can show you how to win new business. He speaks from experience. He is not only an expert in marketing in the B2B sector, Ken has developed strategies to cold call and convince multiple CEO’s not only to meet with him, but to sign a contract giving him the opportunity to do business with them.

But how do you know that Ken can help you grow your sales?

Peter Deall, Managing Director of Merlot Constructions, shares his thoughts  in the video below having completed Ken's sales training workshop. 

In addition the thank you letter Peter sent Ken for developing a newsletter marketing program enabled his firm win favourable influence with a Board of Directors who were deciding on which firm, out of 25 other construction companies, would be awarded a
$1.5 million dollar project. The newsletter was pivotal in Peter's success, because not long after Peter wrote the letter his firm won this prestigious contract. 

Ken Robinson

Ken's client talks about his sales training:

Two of Ken's clients achieved immediate
results within days of the workshops being held:

Ken has trained salespeople from various industry sectors 

Highly Recommended 

Dear Ken,

It has been a good and informative day with lots of story telling that I am sure has
helped our group. Highly recommended.

(Hand written testimonial below)

Nicholas Spasevski // Managing Director - Taylor Nicholas (COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE)

  • ALEX
  • JOHN
  • KellIE
  • John

I recommend you to any business.

Hi Ken,

I really enjoyed your workshop. I have been in the industry for over 30 years and the content of the workshop was very helpful in gaining what we need most and that is new business by way of a new listing. 

(Hand written testimonial above)

George Constantine //  Director - Taylor Nicholas (COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE)

  • rachel
  • simone
  • sarah
  • YASH
  • Megan

Ken is more than a sales trainer. He has generated millions of dollars through his marketing programs

Here are three thank you letters from Ken's clients testifying to the results they achieved when Ken used his sales skills to write documents that were sent to senior decision makers which have won his clients multiple projects. 

What is contained within the 30 Day step-by-step Sales Blueprint Workshop?



What has changed in selling over the past 50 years? We reveal strategies you may be using which could cost you business

  • How has the economy changed the way we sell?
  • What three selling methods no longer work in the Australian market?
  • What communications approach works with your average CEO?
  • The one approach that will guarantee you will never make it in sales.
  • Both buyer and seller are on a journey. How do you make sure your sales message is inline with where the buyer wants to go?


How to generate a list of qualified prospects who will want to meet with you

  • Steps you can take immediately to make sure you are presenting to the person who signs the contract.
  • How has the global economic downturn worked in your favour?
  • What makes a good prospect list, compared to a bad one?
  • How to write a sales letter that will have a CEO calling you for an appointment.
  • Discover why your website could be giving reasons for your customers not to buy.


How to get past gatekeepers and through to a decision maker to make an appointment

  • Why cold-calling is definitely dead if you take this approach.
  • Why most people fail at cold calling and what to do about it.
  • How to overcome cold call reluctance and have a diary full of appointments.
  • The difference between an appointment-making script and a door-closing script.
  • Walk away with a telephone script that will have your appointment book full.
  • How to manage your sales time so that you are in front of the game - not constantly catching up.


How to develop a sales process that will see you closing deals each week, not endlessly following up

  • In the first two minutes of your presentation, we show you two approaches that will ensure you have the full attention of your prospect. This gives you the best chance of closing a deal within the first week of making contact.
  • Learn how to accelerate your sales cycle without leaving your prospect feeling rushed or under pressure.
  • Discover how you can eliminate all objections - before they even raise their ugly heads.
  • We give you a road-map to make sure you will avoid selling techniques that will harm your chances of a sale.


How to communicate to a prospect as an expert in your field, not just
another salesperson.

  • One of the reasons why most salespeople fail is that their entire approach sounds rehearsed and superficial.
  • Learn how to give yourself that point of difference so the prospect sees you entirely differently to other sales reps peddling a canned pitch.
  • We share with you a series of steps that, used correctly, will guarantee that you'll never have to deal with price as the main point of contention.


What is Testimonial Marketing?

  • People will always argue facts and figures, but you cannot argue with the real life experience of one of your satisfied customers. This is very powerful and will give your sales people a clear edge when dealing with objections.
  • Most people do not realise the money that can be made from a Testimonial.
  • I have received Testimonials that have literally helped me make hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • I treat each Testimonial like a gold bar as they shine so brightly. When used correctly they have lit my way to sale after sale.


Getting Testimonials from your customers

  • We live in a cynical society where prospects want more than a a sales pitch. They want proof that you can deliver.
  • But most sales people have no idea how to secure Testimonials that are convincing enough to give a prospect the confidence to sign your contract.
  • In this section of the workshop, I will teach you a system I use that will gain you powerful Testimonials that will win business.
  • We will review your archive of successes, looking at how you can use these to build Testimonials that will help you overcome objections.


How to construct a pitch that converts

  • In this step you will get a simple step-by-step system for constructing letters, presentation kits and website content that converts readers into buyers.
  • Once you have the testimonials, the next step is learning how to put them to the best use. I have a long history of writing sales and marketing materials that have generated millions of dollars in sales - and I will show you in several mediums what to do - social media, your website, blog etc.
  • Gone are the days when you could rely on your marketing material to get you across the line. It is a mistake to use cookie-cutter presentation kits, which are more generic in nature, that were written by head office marketing people.
  • Sales is about cultivating personal relationships. Your marketing strategy should focus on presenting tangible evidence as to why your customers have found value in your firm's products/services.


How to stop competitors from poaching your clients

  • Customers are quick to forget the excellent service and hassle-free approach you have been giving them, when they get a phone call from your competitor. With this approach your customers will see no need to take your competitor's phone calls.
  • We show you how to stop letting your competitors' offers - of cheaper fees and making promises that are impossible to deliver - from losing you the business you fought hard to win.
  • In this section of the workshop we will train your sales staff in how to turn around this situation so that your customers realise that it would be an unwise decision to sacrifice what they currently have with your products/services, in order to save a few dollars.

STEP 10 

How to put the 30 day blueprint  into action by showing you what to do when the workshop ends

  • It is no use motivating you on the day - and then when you return to your office you have no idea what to do next.
  • We promise that you will walk away with a step-by-step blueprint that will enable you to implement what you have learned at this workshop. The blueprint covers the following:

Part 1 - Setting up your own Testimonial Selling program

Part 2 - Taking a lead through to securing a new sale

Part 3 - How to keep your competition from poaching clients

  • With these three elements in place, the day you leave this workshop, you will go back to your office knowing what to do next. I have been successful in my business thanks to the systems I have in place. You too can experience this success in your own career.

BONUS MEMBERSHIP Ken's Facebook Group for 4 weeks

At the finish of the workshop, you will be invited to join Ken's private Facebook Group where you can network with other workshop participants for four weeks. 

Over four weeks, you will be able to join Ken for an online coaching call each Monday morning where you can learn and ask Ken questions.

This makes for a great opportunity to further develop your skills and benefit from a weekly coaching session.

Martin - SEW Eurodrive

Matt - Attache Software

Adam Price

Heath - Telstra

Ritchie Williams

Russell Potts

Advantages vs Disadvantages of this sales workshop

From the feedback so far there are definitely more Pros than Cons. But for those who like to go at a slow speed, don't attend this workshop because it will get you revved up and excited about growing your business.

The Pros List

  • This workshop has been tried and tested and has worked for multiple industry sectors selling in the B2B market.
  • You won't just get motivated - you will walk away with a system you can start using once you get back to the office.
  • Cost-effective - Which means your entire team can attend!

The Cons List

  • You will have to do some thinking on the day and be involved in some powerful group exercises which require a little effort.
  • When you return from the office you will have to do things in a much better way. Sorry, change will be inevitable.

BONUS MEMBERSHIP Ken's Facebook Group for 4 weeks after workshop

If you have any doubts, read this before you say "NO"

You've probably heard the saying - "if you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got". That saying has stood the test of time, because many business owners treat sales training as a luxury instead of a necessity. The choice is yours, you can keep whining about the lack of sales or you can take action.

All too often companies view training as an expense to be avoided, as opposed to an investment that can, in the bigger picture, protect the success of the business in the long term. What is the true cost of cutting back this important area of business?

What are the three things that could happen if your salespeople do not attend this workshop?

1.   New sales rep will be affected by old sales people with bad attitudes

New salespeople will be ready for the challenges ahead with a willingness to learn everything they can, to get the best start possible, but if you don't have a training plan in place, the natural place they will look is to their colleagues. If those colleagues are disengaged, frustrated and struggling to achieve because of their own lack of training - well, you can see the pattern forming.

2.   More frequent staff turnover resulting in low staff morale - death to any sales team

Remember those "bad apples" we mentioned in the example above. It's not hard to understand that without an engaging training plan in place, doubt and resentfulness can easily creep in, leading to your staff looking around for something new. A salesperson who has been properly trained and feels valued by their employer, who has a long-term plan for a successful career within your company will not only sustain and direct your business to further success, but also attract outside top talent to your team.

3.  Delays to your sales pipeline - it could even dry up altogether

The sales process is at the heart of how you do business with new customers and you can never sit back and leave it. It should be a dynamic process, needing regular attention all along the way to build and develop the relationships that lead to new business. If your team members don't fully understand the pipeline process this can lead to frustration on both sides. Closing sales could end up taking so long to finalise that there would be an unnecessary delay in your company income, prospects may not feel committed to making a large investment or could end up walking away all together.

The next 12 months anything could
happen to the economy. 

Remember the GFC - if history repeats, are your sales team battle ready to handle a downturn so that your valuable
sales pipeline doesn't dry up?  

Take action now - we only have limited seating for each of these workshops and as these are one-off events you may miss out. Plus, we made each ticket so affordable there is really no reason not to attend.

Give your team the tools
they desperately need 
so they have the
best chance of
making a sale ...

Your Investment for Ken's 1 day sales training workshop
depends on the number of salespeople you would to attend this workshop. Please contact Ken for further information and bookings
Mobile: 0408 028 825 or Email:

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