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How To Qualify Prospects

How to Qualify Prospects

How do you qualify prospects who you feel may be a hot prospect, but you are not sure as to how interested they are in buying from you?

You don't want to appear desperate, but at the same time, with limited opportunities to convert prospects to clients, you do not want to waste time on people who don't dare to say 'NO' or are known for procrastinating no matter what the decision is.

In this report, I share with you a recent experience that has finally changed the way I follow-up with potential clients. If you're like me, you have met people who seemed interested to go ahead, but didn't. At the same time, you've met people who seemed unlikely who then stunned you by signing up.

Whether you sell on a showroom floor to mum and dads or work the corporate B2B sector, this editorial will give you the basics to put in place a follow-up system that will take the pain out of qualifying a prospect.

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