What do buyers read?

There is nothing more frustrating then writing a sales letter only to find out that it was intercepted by a PA who is trained to stop salespeople getting anywhere near their boss.?As soon as they see a sales letter they usually throw it in the bin.

In this report, we reveal what buyers?read and why. Once you understand what motivates someone, you can target your key sales messages to them in print. Very helpful when they are not contactable on the phone.

In the first part, we share with you how we have successfully mailed documents to a key decision maker that actually make it past the gatekeeper.

Then in the second part, we reveal what we write that motivates a decision maker to call us.

What do buyers read and how do you get this material past the gatekeeper?

From the outset you must understand that a PA knows that her boss is looking for a way to improve business.

The PA understands that her boss is looking for business building ideas that they can apply to their business.

For example, if a PA comes across an editorial about the competition getting a better result, she knows that her boss will want to read it pronto, in case his company can achieve the same result or even better.

Now in theory your sales proposal is designed to achieve that result, by buying your product or service the company in question can save time and money.

But the PA doesn?t see it that way. Each day she listens to her boss and his boss go on and on about how money is so tight that they cannot afford to spend a cent.

Being the ever efficient PA, she immediately vets any sales correspondence as some danger mechanism which could spend money the company, and her boss, have told her they don?t have.

Unfortunately, what the boss doesn?t let on is that he is willing to spend money if the project concerned provides the following immediate benefits to his business:

- Saves valuable time
- Saves money
- Can help the business
- Most importantly makes money

How then, do you get that message past a CEO?s PA without leaving her thinking you are trying to sell the boss something the company cannot afford at this time?

One of our clients is a leading builder who was targeting the local government sector.

Usually they would be invited to tender for a project with a whole list of other builders. They decided that it was time to speak to the ultimate decision makers - the Council Administrator.

They quickly realised that if they sent a building proposal, their sales message would be forwarded onto a project manager or architect employed by the local government authority.

Which is why they appointed the Newsletter House team to devise a publication that would get past gatekeepers.

Hence the newsletter program entitled ?Council Construction? was developed.

It worked, with front page cover story about a council saving $500,000 on a building project, it got through to local government Administrators thinking of building a new project on a tight budget.

The Result: Councils phoned our client with offers of work!

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Trainer Ken