Without This You Will Fail at Sales ? Part 2

Are you fed up missing out on business? Do you often wonder why you close some deals while others fade away? Today?I will share with you the key ingredient which took me 10 years to develop, implement and perfect. Once you get this concept and put it into practice your sales career will definitely go to the next level.

When I first started selling I was told to learn my pitch, make the sales calls, share the pitch and success would follow.

Experience soon?taught me that the more?calls I?made with this approach the more knock backs I received.

Determined to make a success of my sales career, I went back to the drawing board to work out why my pitch was not being effective.

Finally, having polished and finessed my pitch, no sooner had I picked up the phone to make the first call and I was back where I started from suffering another bout of rejection.

At this point, completely frustrated I examined the way I was presenting. Maybe I was using the script they provided in the wrong way. So I booked an appointment with?the Sales Manager and together we rehearsed my sales pitch until it was nearly perfect. Once again back on the phones, once again more rejection.

What was the turning point, the?key ingredient, that without this key ingredient would see me continuing to fail?

First Step

Throughout this experience, which covered many years of knock backs and the odd occasional success, I found it valuable to be?an observer of human interaction.

I soon realised that I did not know it all and started to commence the journey of finding out what was missing in my overall sales approach.

From this point forward, your task is to analyse the human interactions you have with each prospect.?From what was?said in all those sales meetings you attended, what turned the prospect 'off' and what turned them 'on'?


As I began to analyse the key reasons why I was failing, I came across the concept of the radio station we all listen to - WIIFM.

It soon dawned upon me that when a buyer was motivated to sign, their subconscious was tuned into a certain?WIFFM radio station.

What were they listening to when they were motivated buy? What key messages were playing throughout their mind that was motivating them to act?

Third Step

Having determined what key thoughts and messages were ?motivating them to buy, I then used this information to?pick?a story about one of our customers who had achieved the same result using our services. When I had worked out that the customer was?thinking X, I shared a story about a customer who used our services to secure X. Bingo!


Immediately people started to respond. I only had to make one statement and I had their undivided attention. All of a sudden knowing what they were thinking, when motivated to buy, allowed me to make a series of statements about our customers that had prospects lining up to sign contracts.

In several cases, I told some key prospects two or three client stories and they began to ask me how they could buy.

In one case, Attache Software's CEO Mike Rich, having heard several stories said, "Ken, get out your contract we are going to go ahead!"

This new approach revolutionised my sales career. When I first tried this I went from being at the bottom of the pile to the number one star performer.

Surely Something So Simple Cannot Be Successful?

From my experience, it's the simple things in life that baffle human beings and?usually outperform our expectations.For some reason, the human race is determined to complicate matters.

My 20+ years in sales has taught me that when you remove yourself from the salespersons thinking and start thinking like a consumer'- success is yours for the taking!

What are your thoughts? What actions are you going to take now to apply this new formula.

Please take the time to respond in the comment section below. How does this apply to you?


Trainer Ken