Growth strategies your competitors are scared you’re going to use in the next 30 days

If you want to boost sales in the next 30 days and regain your 2020 losses, you need to read this page!

As we move into a post-COVID economy, your clients could be considering which supplier they'll let go of.

Clients you’ve worked hard with to build long-term relationships will be asking the question, “Can we get better value somewhere else?” 

You’re probably asking the same question, can your company get a better deal from another supplier?

How can this be a “great time” to grow sales?

A week ago, I signed a new client. At the beginning of 2020, he declined my offer. 

The last 12 months severely hurt his revenue, as he dealt with projects cancelled by the pandemic's impact. He needs to make up for lost sales. 

When I first contacted him 12 months ago he responded, “Ken, we don’t need to change. We have more work than we can cope with. Thanks anyway, but we don’t need your help when we have a backlog of work we are struggling to fulfil.”

How things have changed in 12 months, when I phoned him last week, instead of being dismissed, he immediately took my call.

He needed my help immediately! Through no fault of his own, the pandemic had forced the cancellation of many of his projects. What was looking like a boom period in 2020 finished up shaking the foundations of his business.

He now wants his team to be retrained. They need to know how to cut through and open doors to make up for the last year’s lost sales orders.

This is not the first Managing Director, who has responded this way. Many I am talking to are concerned about their sales pipeline for the next 12 months.

Many of them, like me, remember the pain they went through in the 80's recession and the GFC (Global Financial Crisis). Those lean years have taught them that every sale they make in the next 30 days makes a hell of a difference to long-term sustainability.

The comments my new client made to me are worth reviewing. They definitely describe the current feedback I am getting from business owners wanting to recover lost revenue.

Ken, as you know, most salespeople waste too much time talking to middle managers. Whereas you know how to get through Business Owners, CEOs, Managing Directors, the people who sign orders.

You’re the first salesperson in years who got through to me on a cold call.
None of my salespeople can get through to people like me, as you can.

I need you to teach my people your sales approach. The only reason we didn’t sign up for your course last year is that we had an abundance of work.

Well, everything has changed. Who knows where we will be in the next 12 months. COVID is so unpredictable.

Ken, as far as I can see, businesses only have two choices. Hopefully, our competitors will sit back and hope for the best, waiting for their social media to bring in sales leads. You can’t be passive in a market like this. We are going to take action. That’s why I need your help now!

What excites me is you bring your sales approach to help us create a more powerful marketing message. Not only is my team going to learn how to sell, but you’re going to show us how to use our customers’ testimonials to write a better sales pitch.

Your selling approach is unique. You don’t act or sound like a salesperson. That’s why you got through to me, and it’s why I need my salespeople to take a different tack to our competitors. 

Ken, your sales approach has proven to me that you know how to win business fast.

Why does this Managing Director think I am qualified to teach his people how to grow sales?  

In the early 90s, as a 24-year-old, I tried to convince the Regional Managing Director at Conde Nast, an international publishing house, to provide me with 100% financial backing to establish my own magazine business. 

My business idea was to publish magazines, with print-runs of 700,000 copies, and insert them in major newspapers like The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age etc. I would then sell advertising into these magazines to cover our costs and provide us with a handsome profit.

All my new business partner had to do, was provide 100% of the money I needed to get the business started.

In exchange for their backing, I would run the business, manage all the sales, and ensure that our publications had the best editorial and design look possible. 

My initial presentation to the Regional Managing Director lasted two hours. He said he would get back to me on my business proposal.

As I was leaving, he commented, "You've given me quite a lot to think about."

Three weeks later, he invited back for a meeting.  He offered me a job as a National Sales Director but politely refused my business proposal.

I'll never forget his comments, "Ken, I have never met anybody like you! Even though your business proposal is sound, well thought out, still you have only been in sales for five years - you're only 24. There is no way I could convince my bosses in New York to back you.

"But I want you on my team. You have an understanding of sales and business that puts you far in front of anybody, even double your age. 

"My boss agrees with me! We would be crazy to let you go. When would you like to start?"

Thirty years later, I am glad I replied with a polite - "No, thank you".

Best decision I ever made!

Within 18 months, the Fairfax Group, owned by John Braemer Fairfax, the then owners of Rural Press, entered into a joint-venture partnership with me. 

They gave me the 100% financial backing I needed to go into business.

Plus, they provided me with a plush office at Martin Place, in the heart of Sydney's CBD, and access to a team of journalists and graphic designers. 

But more importantly, they gave me the start of a learning curve most salespeople never come close to experiencing. Something I know your team need to learn right now!

Here is a photo of "Getting Ready", my first magazine. We printed 770,000 copies, and they were inserted into The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

Being my first publication and having no sales team, I personally cold-called and sold advertising to Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, Payot, Revlon, Elizabeth Arden, Narhex, Sunsilk, Playtex, Holiday Inn, Smiths Chips, Juvena and David Jones.

My biggest sale in that period was when I cold-called St George Bank, Managing Director, Jim Sweeney, and presented to him the idea of sponsoring a 24-page colour magazine titled "You & Your Money".

That magazine, pictured right, was given to every St George Bank customer and was inserted into metropolitan newspapers.

Over the past 30 years, I have done many deals. Grown several businesses and have documented every single technique that helped me to continue to to make sales consistently.

I am not some trainer who has learned their skills from textbooks others have written.

What I will show you has taken me 262,800 hours (10,950 working days or 30 years) of sitting through copious meetings, sleepless nights and awe-inspiring sales results to achieve what now know is the "best way to sell!"

You don't learn what I plan to show you unless the trainer has walked the talk.

As I have trained many hundreds of sales and marketing people, I know what works. I have taken my sales and marketing approach and have helped countless people grow their businesses (please read the testimonials below). 

If you give me 8 hours at my one day workshop, I will show you step-by-step how to develop a sales and marketing program that will work in front of a boardroom of execs but is just as powerful when presented to a small business owner.

At the end of the workshop, I will walk through how I generated 120 appointments from cold calling in three weeks. 

How over the next 4 weeks, from those appointments, I generated $220,000 in sales.

To quantify the result, I sold a $10,000 package to each of the 22 firms from those 120 appointments. 

They each signed my agreement in the first meeting. No followup emails or second or thirds. Each of those deals was done the day I first met my new clients.

To achieve these sales, I did not use Networking, Advertising, LinkedIn posts or Youtube videos. 

I secured each $10,000 sale through effective prospecting, cold calling and creating a presentation that had each new client sign up in the first meeting. One of the many techniques you are going to learn how to do in my 8-hour workshop!

You need to attend this workshop if you answer "YES" to any of these questions:

  • Do you find it hard to make appointments?
  • Would you like a telephone script that gives prospects a reason to meet with you? 
  • Do you constantly deal with prospects who offer yet another reason for saying "NO"?
  • Do you know how to collect testimonials that can help you win new business? 
  • Do you know how to write a presentation that convinces people to buy first time?
  • Would you like a selling system that closes more deals each month? 

People like you are making money using Ken's sales and marketing strategies

In 2 days Ken's client made $300,000 in sales 

They slashed their sales cycle by six months

Ken's client reflects on the sales training that helped his salespeople turn their business round:

"When you cold-called me on the phone about your sales training, you shared a series of ideas that motivated me to meet with you.  

"Normally I say NO to people who cold-call, but you had me agreeing to an appointment for the following day. I don't think your phone call lasted longer than five minutes.

"But even as I booked the appointment, I still had no idea what you were selling. I was just excited to meet you.

SkyCool Managing Director

Rex Lehamann

"You seemed to know my situation, but most of all you left me thinking that maybe you had the answer to our problems.

"The following day, when we met, I had assembled my whole management team to hear your thoughts. Within one hour - you had us all so excited that I signed your contract.

"It was the first time I can remember buying something without feeling one ounce of pressure. Not only did you have me excited, but your approach had my team telling me we would be foolish not to go ahead.

"As you left my office that day with a signed contract, my first thought was, "Why can't my salespeople sell like you?"

"It was then that I realised I needed you to show my salespeople how to sell. Having worked in our business for 30 years, I thought I knew everything there was to know about sales until I met you that day!"

Peter Deall secures $1.75 million contract 

Ken showed him how to write a board-room presentation

In this video, Peter Deall speaks about Ken's workshop and why he is  happy to recommend it to anyone accept his competition.

Peter wrote a thank you letter, featured right, highlighting the various projects Ken has worked on.

  • Ken built Peter a new website:
  • Each month Ken produces Peter's corporate marketing.
  • Ken produced a video for a board presentation.
  • Recently, Ken helped Peter's team with their trade show marketing which lead to five new clients.

Please click image to read testimonial

Peter Deall speaks about the sales Ken has helped him win 

Junior sales rep secures his first $80,000 sale 

Several years ago, Ken had a sales team from a Canon photocopier dealership attend his one  daly sales training workshop.

Their Sales Manager, Trent, had a couple of new reps he was trying to bring up to speed.

"In my workshops, I like to make sure people leave with sales material they can use immediately in their sales meetings," said Ken.

"I asked the Canon team to share a challenge they were having. Their junior sales rep said that they had been trying to get an appointment with a major firm for over eighteen months. No matter which approach they used, they failed.

"After further questioning, we brainstormed a telephone script. No sooner had the junior sales rep returned to the office, he was on the phone trying out the script which lead to an appointment."

Please click image to read testimonial

"I already have a few sales runs on the board..." 

EM Signs sales rep turnaround...

"One member of staff who had not been performing, immediately began to apply what you had taught him. Within a week or two of the course his performance had turned around.

"Ken, not only do you deliver practical next steps which you showed us how to implement but you also gave my team the confidence to act upon what they had learnt.

"As I said to several people, the enthusiasm you have for what you do is not only inspiring but leaves one wanting to take action immediately.

"Thank you for your workshop, I would be happy to recommend you to any manager wanting to take his staff to the next level!"

Robert Melville

Managing Director

one-day intensive training + Bonus Four weekly coaching sessions

Ken Robinson will show your team how to improve their sales message so that it motivates senior executives all the way up to the boardroom, to sign with your firm. This sales training applies just as much for a small business, as it does for a highly charged team of corporate sales executives.

You now have a limited opportunity to join a small group of professionals who realise their approach to sales needs to improve not because they are failing, but because they want to be the best. You now have the chance to adopt this approach with your selling system. 

Don't waste another moment. This workshop is hands-on and due to the indepth training Ken provides, it is limited to a small number of participants. Book Today - BEFORE YOU MISS OUT!

To find out more about this course click the following links:

BONUS - Four Weekly Online Sales Coaching

Valued at $1200.00  Free for each attendee! 

Have you ever been to a workshop, only to find that when you get back to the office you have no idea what you should do next.

To help you implement what you have learned, Ken will coach you once each week for four weeks using an online webinar every Friday after the workshop.

Linkedin Recommendation 

Workshop attendees feedback

Ken's approach to sales has changed the way I think as a company owner...

I first engaged him due to his initial phone call interaction. Ken's approach to sales in the seminar has changed the way I think as a company owner and shows me the value in thinking like a customer.

From cold calling, websites, case studies and the entire sales process it has allowed myself to overhaul and improve my entire outlook towards selling for the better.

I thank Ken for this and look forward to putting this info into practice in my business.

Damien Cann  //  Director

Ken sales workshops are worth the money ...

"I am happy to recommend Ken's workshop. I have been to several of his workshops and I have had my team of Engineers complete a one-day in-house sales workshop.

"His workshops are excellent and worth the money. His energy and fun appraoch made the day most enjoyable. 

"Plus, I have used his marketing services and know that he understands how to win new business. He is an excellent sales copywriter and understands how to reach buyers by translating your highly technical material into a format senior executives can understand. 

If anyone wants to verify my comments, I am happy to act as a phone reference for Ken. I can be contacted at 0429 484 088."

Adam Blundell // Principal Ecologist Klienfelder Newcastle

I was pleasantly surprised, thoroughly enjoyed the day

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David Potter  //  Sales Director

Ken's views on sales training is highly relevant to all industry types...

"Ken's ability to simply explain the important sales basics and give stories about clients transformations in sales is a real eye-opener.

"Because we have a diverse business, we now see the importance of having a range of sales scripts that are relevant to each business type. 

"Until today, I did not know the advantages of cold calling sales. I attended Ken's training day as a result of Ken cold calling me. 

"Ken's views on sales training is highly relevant to all industry types as demonstrated in today's training workshop. Today's trading was attended by people from all different business types."

David Swanborough // Director  Point of Sale Australia

Ken, covers some great concepts in regard to the reality of customers on how to connect.

"Prior to the workshop we had been recommended to Ken by Peter Davies of the New South Wales Business Chamber. Which is why we had already engaged Ken to produce a marketing program for our business. 

"So today was a good opportunity to learn a set of sales skills that will help complement our marketing and give us direction in growing our business!”

PETER MCKINNON  //  Rotacaster, Managing Director

Ken's presentation is extremely worthwhile

“I have been to many training courses and Ken as a presenter is definitely unique. 

"His broad range of experience and knowledge in sales he has shared today, I feel will be invaluable in the growth of our business. 

"He understands how to take a complicated message and quickly translate it so that the layman can understand what we are trying to sell. 
"Engineers have a tendency to make things complicated, whereas Ken workshopped with us each of our key sales messages, so that anybody lacking an engineering background would understand what we are trying to communicate!

"Ken's energy level throughout the course was amazing. Not once throughout the eight hours of his workshop did I feel either bored or tied. He kept on involving each participant, making sure that we all walked away with a sound sales strategy we could implement immediately!”

Jason Whelan  //  Sierratek, Principal Engineer

I realised I was going to learn a lot from Ken...

"I was not completely excited to be attending Ken's sales workshop. I could have been at the office actually getting things done..

"Not long into the day I realised I was going to learn a lot from Ken wishing my colleagues were with me so we could share the knowledge together."

"Ken was passionate, funny and overall very knowledgable in his field."

AMBER TANKS  //  Affordable Carpets Senior Manager

It's been quite refreshing sitting in your workshop...

“Ken, It has been quite refreshing sitting in your workshop. I have been in sales forover 15 years and appreciate many of the principles and concepts you presented.
"However sitting through your presentation added a better understanding. I leave your presentation with new excitement to my approach to sales. Your content makes so much sense. Thank you!"
"Since your workshop, I have even recommended you to a company that were looking for a sales trainer - you offer real value!"

MATTHEW SUNOL  //  Rapid Spray, Business Development Manager

Ken has presented excellent sale strategies...

“New to sales, I was looking at the fundamental skills.

"Ken has provided excellent sales strategies in a fun and informative way. There is definitely value and attending this workshop. 

"I now feel confident to approaching key stakeholders"
REWA B  //  King Street Computers, Salesperson

I will be recommending your approach to others...

“Ken, I really enjoyed your session. I will be recommending your approach to others. It’s something SME’s fall down on and also something they need to be aware of with an open mind. 

I am always glad to see the benefits going to the SME’s as I realise the opportunity for growth will also see the growth in the supply chains they are engaged in, which makes everyone a winner.

Great workshop – Thanks, was definitely worth the time!”

Wayne Diemar
// from Ampcontrol

Workshop was structured in a concise way and easy to engage with...

"Ken and helped provide us with some ideas for improving our sales processes which I feel will be invaluable."The session were structured in a concise way and was easy to engage with. He constantly backed up each point by sharing real-life examples of how he had successfully implemented his selling approach to win new business."

MATTHEW KRIPP //  InZant CRM Software - Operations and Project Director

Ken you have opened our eyes to a better way of selling...

"Yes, Ken's workshop has definitely been worth the effort.|
“Like most engineering firms we tend to rely on word of mouth to gain new business, so we had been looking for a better way to sell and decided we would take our key people to this workshop.

"It has opened our eyes to a better way of communicating to our customers and others like them. Plus, Ken has greatly assisted us in understanding the key elements of a successful sales process. 

"His presentation today has been well-polished. I like how he constantly adapted his material to our situation. He obviously has a sound understanding of sales and I'm planning on getting his help in improving the sales messages we have on our website!”

BRAD NOBLE  //  Noble Engineering Services, Managing Director

Today has given me the confidence to change our sales and marketing approaches...

"Ken's workship was informative and knowledgable. Opened my mind to additional ways to approach and market my services. I am looking forward to implementing the various ideas and approaches shown today! I know Ken stuff works as he got me to attend a workshop based on his cold called to me. Today has given me the confidence to change our sales and marketing approaches."

Adam Parker //  Fast FitOuts - Director

Workshop Outline

Complete set of new Sales letters

No more second-guessing how to write the perfect marketing piece or sales letter. As you work through the exercises at the workshop you will develop your own materials while reviewing your website for simple improvements

30-Day Money Maker Sales Blueprint

The moment you finish this workshop you will have your own 30-Day sales blueprint. This will give you an immediate step-by-step plan to implement all the sales and marketing strategies you have learned on the workshop. No more second guessing, you will have am action plan to make sales. 

Proven Sales Dialogues

The words you use, on the phone or in writing, determine whether you will be a sales success. We have taken the challenge of finding those right words by giving you a proven set of templates that have worked in multiple industry sectors.


Module 1: Selling in today’s sales environment - post-COVID-19
  • How has the global pandemic changed the way we sell?
  • What three selling methods no longer work in the Australian market?
  • What communications approach works with your average CEO?
  • The one approach that will guarantee you will never make it in sales.
  • How do you make sure your sales message is in line with with what the buyer is wanting to achieve?


Module 2: How to generate a list of qualified prospects
  • How to meet with the person who can sign a contract to do business.
  • How has the global economic turmoil of the past 18 months worked to your favour?
  • What makes a good prospect list, compared to a bad one?
  • How to write a sales letter that will have a CEO calling you for an appointment.
  • Discover why your website could be motivating your prospects to turn to your competitors.


Module 3: How to get through to a decision maker
  • Why cold-calling is definitely dead if you take this approach
  • The difference between an appointment making script and a door closing script
  • Walk away with a telephone script that will have your appointment book full.


Module 4: Develop your own sales blueprint
  • In the first two minutes of your presentation we show you two approaches that will ensure you have the full attention of your prospect, giving you the best chance of closing a deal within the first week of making contact.
  • Learn how to accelerate your sales cycle without leaving your prospect feeling rushed or under pressure.
  • Discover how you can eliminate all objections before they even raised.
  • We give you a roadmap to make sure you will avoid selling techniques that will harm your chances of a sale.


Module 5: How to communicate as an expert
  • One of the reasons why most salespeople fail is that their entire approach sounds rehearsed and superficial.
  • Learn how to give yourself that point of difference so the prospect sees you entirely
    differently to other sales reps peddling another pitch.
  • We share with you a series of steps, that used correctly, will guarantee that you’ll never have to deal with price as the main point of contention.
  • How to write a LinkedIn profile that sells
  • How to use social media to prospect and market your business.


Module 6: How to create presentations that close deals
  • Learn our step-by-step presentation method that has enabled me to close sales within an hour.
  • This process has me walking out of a prospects office for the first time with a written signed contract and a cheque to bank.
  • Discover the key points, that if answered correctly, will give you the best chance of walking away with a sale the same day you hold your meeting.


Module 7: How to close a sale without pressure
  • Having spent 30 years selling to companies both large and small, I will be teaching you a methodology that has enabled me to present in such a way that the majority of my prospects have needed little if any pressure from me to close a deal.
  • We are selling to a highly educated market, who have come across many salespeople using techniques that belong in the 1950s. At the end of my one-day workshop thankfully you will not need to resort to the same tired old selling methods.
  • You will leave this workshop with everything you need to implement my step-by-step sales approach.

About Your Trainer,
Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson will guide you and your sales people through a step-by-step sales process has taken over 30 years to develop. Unlike many sales trainers, Ken walks the talk. His training is not based on the collective wisdom of yesteryear's sales gurus, who are still teaching sales training techniques that belong in the 1950s.

With Ken's approach you get the hands-on experience of someone who has been consistently selling on a regular basis to the Australian B2B sector for several decades. Ken has sold in both recession and boom times and knows the best approach no matter what the market is doing.

Unlike most trainers, Ken started sales training because his clients asked him to teach their sales staff the secrets Ken used to get them to sign on the bottom line.

That's why Ken can show you how to win new business - he speaks from experience. He is not only an expert in marketing in the B2B sector, Ken has developed strategies to cold call and convince multiple CEO's not only to meet with him, but to sign a contract so that he had the opportunity to do business with them.

Plus, he has had decades of experience in B2B selling, having sold various projects to over 60 industry sectors. Now aged 52, his first big sale at the age of 24 was convincing the Fairfax media group to 100% back him financially in a joint venture partnership, publishing magazines across Australia, with print-runs in excess of 700,000 copies.

He got his start in sales 5 years earlier as 19 year old. Having only worked at the Sydney Morning Herald for a little over a year, he cold-called the National Australia Bank, head of marketing, and after two meetings they agreed to invest in a series of advertising inserts totalling $300,000+. The National Australia Bank liked Ken's idea and proceeded to sign for a further seven projects.

Twenty-four years ago Ken established a marketing program for real estate agents. Using the cold calling approach he will teach you in this workshop, he has sold his program to over 400+ real estate offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Ken first started B2B training 10 years ago...

Nearly every person who has written a testimonial on this webpage heard about this workshop because they expereienced Ken's selling approach. They know his cold calling approach works, because he cold called them and sold them on attending his workshop

Ken's workshop would be good for any sales team...

"Ken's unique style and message have been very useful in getting me to make a 180 degree change in my sales focus. I will be informing our National Membership Team about this workshop.

"Manufacturers are excellent at making products but not alway as good at selling them. Ken Robinson is a very experienced sales trainer who also has a media background. 

"His workshop was fun to attend. He is a very professional speaker and shares his years of selling experience in such a way that I left the workshop with a whole new approach to selling I can't wait to implement."

ADRIAN PRICE  //  Australian Industry Group, Regional Manager  NSW

Ken has given me some deeper insights into selling...

“Ken has given me some deeper insights into the power of positive and focused sales techniques. 
"The workshop has been excellent. He has kept my attention throughout the workshop and shown me a better way to sell. Ken is very knowledgeable about selling. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and look forward to implementing his sales techniques.
"He has left me feeling enthused and re-energised as I continue to grow our environmental consulting services in New South Wales"

BRENDAN GRANT  //  Kleinfelder, NSW Area Manager

I would certainly recommend a productive day like this...

“Dear Ken... I wondered today how this session today would turn out, as I have been included in quite a few over the years, but I would have to say this is one of the best I have been priviliged to be in. I would certainly recommend a productive day like this to others as I am sure it would help all other industries.

"Please feel free to get anybody questioning the quality of your presentation to contact me on 0400 340 146."

DOUG THORNCROFT  //  Rapid Spray, Senior Sales Consultant

The workshop was practical and has given us proven formulas to improve our sales...

“The workshop was practical and gives us key points to improve our sales.
"Ken showed us his formula had a cold calls, respond objections and most importantly we need to focus on our customer wants and needs and not on what we do or who we are.
"I am pleased we came, it has been worthwhile. Thanks Ken for the workshop, very informative and delivered with great energy and enthusiasm."

STEVEN PARISH  //  BusinessCraft, Director

Feedback forms from Ken's workshops

  • adam
  • Yash
  • emily
  • claudia
  • sarah
  • rachel
  • simone

Ken's next Sales and Marketing Workshop:


Tuesday 11th May, 2021

One Seat

Take a day to evaluate how you are marketing your business and develop an enhanced sales system that will help you grow in 2021

Included in your workshop:

  • Training materials
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Parking on-site

$ 795+GST ea.

Team Booking

After this one day workshop your team will have a focused approach.

Included in your workshop:

  • Training materials
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Parking on-site

$ 649+GST ea.

The workshop is being held at:

Northbridge Golf Club
Sailors Bay Road, Northbridge NSW 2063

Full day workshop: 

9.00am - 5.00pm

I face the same sales challenges you do each week, which is why I developed this workshop...

When I first started my sales career, 35 years ago, I struggled each week to make quota. Like many before me, I invested in my own sales training. I had no choice, as my livelihood depended upon the sales I made each week.

Many of those courses left me frustrated. Yes, they would get me motivated, excited, dreaming of untold riches as soon as I became the master salesman. Whats worse, many of those courses taught me skills and strategies that didn't work. 

Thankfully, 30 years later, having learnt through the school of hard knocks. Plus, having been meant taught by more experienced salespeople, I now know the exact steps it takes to sell someone.

When my clients started asking me to train their salespeople to sell the way I did, I made a promise to myself, that my workshops would not just motivate people, but would give them the tools they needed to make a success of their selling career!

I had a phone call from one of the students in my last workshop. She was extremely excited and wanted to share her success.

"Ken, I hate the thought of cold calling. But you made me realise on your course that it was a method I should try.  Following your guidelines, I wrote a cold calling script on the workshop.

"I took at home thinking I would never use it. My boss prompted me to give it a try, by the third telephone call I had an appointment that led to a sale.

"I had butterflies making those first cold calls, but I followed your advice and gave it a go. "Without your help, I would not have made that sale - Thankyou."

Comments like this make the effort of putting on a workshop enriching. Throughout my career, several great salespeople helped me to develop the sales systems I use, and I look forward to helping you as they helped me!

Frequently Asked Questions

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