zoom sales presentations

2020 Guide to Tips & Techniques for Zoom sales presentations

  • Do you want to use Zoom for your sales presentations?
  • Are you shy of going on camera and would like to appear confident on your Zoom?

In this video, we are going to focus on using Zoom successfully for our Sales Presentations.

To help us effectively use Zoom, we will seek the guidance of a Zoom expert.

As I train my clients in virtual selling, Zoom is a big part of that so I recently interview Anthony English, a business coach who like all of us uses Zoom for business. Anthony has taken Zoom one step further and has established a successful YouTube channel teaching every aspect of Zoom. 

Anthony understands the power of video. He has a one minute, 39-second video on Zoom that has attracted over 159,000 views.

To view Anthony's Zoom training videos please visit: Anthony English YouTube Channel

For more information on Anthony English please visit: anthonyenglish.com.au

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