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UK's Newcastle Startup Week's Paul Lancaster interviews Ken Robinson

In this video, Ken Robinson & Paul Lancaster (Newcastle Startup Week / TRYBES) discuss how Social Media & YouTube videos can help you start conversations with potential customers & clients whilst case studies & testimonials on your website will increase your chances of converting initial interest into a sale.

"Sales & Marketing Show" with Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson's customers have included:

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What do Ken Robinson's clients think of his B2B Sales Training?

Ken's sales workshops would be good for any sales team...

"Ken's unique style and message have been very useful in getting me to make a 180 degree change in my sales focus. I will be informing our National Membership Team about this workshop.

"Manufacturers are excellent at making products but not alway as good at selling them. Ken Robinson is a very experienced sales trainer who also has a media background. 

"His workshop was fun to attend. He is a very professional speaker and shares his years of selling experience in such a way that I left the workshop with a whole new approach to selling I can't wait to implement."

Adrian Price 

Australian Industry Group Regional Manager

I would certainly recommend a productive day like this...

“Dear Ken... 

I wondered today how this session today would turn out, as I have been included in quite a few sales workshops over the years, but I would have to say this is one of the best training programs I have been priviliged to be in.

I would certainly recommend a productive day like this to others as I am sure it would help all other industries.

"Please feel free to get anybody questioning the quality of your presentation to contact me on 0400 340 146."

Doug Thorncroft

Rapid Spray Senior Sales Consultant

Ken's workshop was practical and has given us proven formulas to improve our sales...

“The workshop was practical and gives us key points to improve our sales.
"Ken showed us his formula for cold calls, how to respond to objections and most importantly we need to focus on our customer wants and needs and not on what we do or who we are.

"I am pleased we came, it has been worthwhile. Thanks Ken for the workshop, very informative and delivered with great energy and enthusiasm."

Steven Parish 

BusinessCraft - Director

Ken has given me some deeper insights into selling...

“Ken has given me some deeper insights into the power of positive and focused sales techniques.
"The workshop has been excellent. He has kept my attention throughout the workshop and shown me a better way to sell. Ken is very knowledgeable about selling. I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation and look forward to implementing his sales techniques.
"He has left me feeling enthused and re-energised as I continue to grow our environmental consulting services in New South Wales"

Brendan Grant

Klienfelder - Director