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We help our clients to win new business 
with a series of powerful tools that have been
proven to persuade even the toughest buyers

Ken Robinson's customers have included:

Ken Robinson has helped many of his clients generate millions of dollars in sales by teaching them how to sell

As one of Ken's clients said to him when deciding to send his sales team to one of his sales training workshops:

"I know your methods work, you cold called me on a Thursday afternoon, you then convinced me to meet with you the following morning and on the same day I was signing a contract for a marketing program," said Attache Software, Managing Director, Mike Rich.

"Ken, your presentation, approach and attitude was so positive I couldn't come up with enough reasons to knock back your proposal. I had never dreamed of marketing my business with a newsletter campaign, but you convinced me and closed me in our first meeting."

Ken Robinson has been training people how to sell and market their business for over 20 years. Ken delivers his workshops Australia-wide and can come to your office and provide a workshop developed with your team in mind or you can send your team to one of Ken?s public workshops...

Ken's training is a practical no-nonsense approach to improving your bottom-line by ensuring your sales people have the necessary know-how to generate sales in either a boom or bust cycle. He provides sales training for all companies, from small start ups to large corporate teams based in multiple locations.

Ken regularly hosts both public and private sales and marketing workshops throughout Australia and New Zealand. To find out the date of his next public workshop you can speak with Ken directly on 0408 028 825

Ken Robinson

Ken Robinson has developed every workshop having tested his strategies selling to the corporate and small business sectors.

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